Tippsat Satellite & Saorview Services

Saorview + Sky Domestic Distribution



Products needed to cover 4 extra rooms

Triax I/O Link (to be used if your Sky+ HD box has no RF output)


Triax Link Power Supply Unit (Use with the Triax Link for powering Link Amplifiers on RF OUT 2)


Triax Digital Link (used to change channels in another room)


Triax 4 Way Link Amplifier (4 outputs to power 4 Digital Links)

Saorview Aerial

Wolsey LTE HG5WF Aerial


Multiroom Distribution Tri-Link Kit

The Tri-Link Kit solves the issue of distributing Freeview, Freesat and Sky around the home, with the ability to view and control all STBs on existing analogue sets. Tri-Link can control up to 3 independant pieces of equipment including SKY/SKY+ Receiver.

Watch and control recorded programmes from your PVR around the home. DVD Configuration. Powers up Digital Link Amplifier and Link eyes. Fully agile modulator. Scart loop through ideal solution for Receivers with No RF Output for magic eyes.

Triax TSC 114 HD Combi receiver has a scart port dedicated for the Tri-Link Kit to distribute your terrestrial & satellite channels throughout your home. So, if you are looking to add more rooms to your current system then you need to add the Tri-Link Kit along with a Triax Link Amplifier and Triax Compact Digital Links depending on how many rooms you want to suppy a feed to.


Equipment for Multiroom

Tri-Link Kit

Triax Link Amplifier (2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 Rooms)

Triax Compact Digital Link (Quantity depends on Rooms)